“He’s a sort of athletic, courtly, sophisticated European. I wanted to dress him with a feeling of the past and tradition and a rich heritage, but in looks that are also really appealing to the contemporary eye.”

Hannibal’s attire is dominated by three piece suits, elaborate, Deckard-type ties, pocket puffs and textured shirts. Slim-legged pants, “with an almost Edwardian fit,” Hargadon says, paired with piqued-lapelled jackets, round out the character’s custom-made wardrobe. With few exceptions—a few cashmere sweaters, going tieless while working with the FBI in the field, or prepping for dirty kitchen work in an apron—the doctor is the perfect picture of a refined sociopath. In regards to the character’s palette, Hargadon worked with paler color schemes at the season’s start, but implemented darker tones to reflect the increasingly ominous story line.

“I started him very light and approachable looking,” the designer says. “As he unmasks himself over the 13 episodes, he becomes much darker—but always sophisticated.” - Christopher Hargadon. (Hannibal Costume Designer)

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Did you know that, to this country’s politicians, the only thing that matters is money? With money you buy power.

Trash (2014), dir. Stephen Daldry

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Then there’s the Chief, who when he’s not busy hunting down Jesus gets the best stuff this episode has to offer. His confrontation with GR leader Patti featured the darkly funny line “If you come, I’m not gonna protect you. It’s the holidays.” (This is The Leftovers’ answer to Dr. Strangelove’s “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the war room!”) Meanwhile, a new romance was a given for the show’s leading man, and the obvious sexual chemistry between Justin Theroux’s Kevin and Carrie Coon’s Nora was a very pleasant surprise. Props to directors Carl Franklin (One False Move) and Lesli Linka Glatter, who as a veteran of Mad Men knows her way around hot romance between damaged people. The staging in particular was terrific, with Kevin standing resplendent in his uniform while Nora lounges languidly against a high-school locker, suggesting intimacy and authority and innocence and experience all at once.

To get to that point, though, he had to endure an excruciating “conversation” with his estranged wife Laurie. Sworn to silence by the Guilty Remnant, she brings along a rookie as a ringer, having Meg read Kevin her big Dear John divorce letter so she won’t have to. In the show’s best single exploration of post-Departure relationships to date, Kevin and Laurie are the proverbial unstoppable force and immovable object. Amy Brenneman radiates both exhaustion and conviction through Laurie’s face and body language; her eyes say the only thing that could hurt her more than doing this to Kevin is not doing it, and pretending nothing’s changed. But of course this behavior is completely infuriating, and Theroux funnels that fury into a ferocious performance, first barking at Meg to shut the fuck up, then demanding Laurie speak for herself. It’s multifaceted, empathetic writing, all beautifully acted. And though I wouldn’t wanna live there, it made Mapleton a nice place to visit.


'The Leftovers' Recap: Home for the Holidays | Rolling StoneWell that was a step in the right direction! I reviewed tonight’s episode of The Leftovers, which I mostly dug, for Rolling Stone. While I still can’t believe how directly it’s revisiting major Lost beats (STAY AWAY FROM ME AND THE BABY, CHARLIE), and it’s way too writerly way too often, strong execution can compensate for a lot of that. (via boiledleather)

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Claire brings out the big puns for the THR roundtable.

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Dogs are just animals. They’re not like us, trying to reason it all out, make sense of shit that makes no sense. They see something like that, and they just snap. All bets are off. Same things gonna happen to us. It’s just taking longer. (The Leftovers S01E01)

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They’re heroes because nobody’s going to come to a parade on ‘We Don’t Know What the Fuck Happened’ Day.

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"Orphan Black also makes room for strong, if feminine men. I’m not only referring to the gay co-lead Felix, played brilliantly by Jordan Gavaris. But in the maternal Cal and the emasculated Donnie, the show not only allows men to play traditionally feminine roles, but also allows them to have extraordinary strength within those roles."

— Vanity Fair on Orphan Black and fighting the gender war (x)

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Chaos is order yet undeciphered

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This, see this? This is death.

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I was right.

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Claire Danes and Damian Lewis

Featured Lead Actress, Drama Series nominee #fanart: 

Behind the scenes with Claire Danes of homelandonshowtime, by homelandfanspage




That’s Jonathan Pryce.




That’s Jonathan Pryce.

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Game of Thrones Season 4 character poster.


Game of Thrones Season 4 character poster.

I haven’t been on Tumblr for quite some time. I don’t really know what that means.